This is my portfolio. It showcases a few of the projects I have been involved with during my career as an app and game developer, designer and graphic artist.


I founded Newsvoice to break filter bubbles, battle fake news, and to democratize the media. With a 4.7 rating on App Store and Google Play it’s the world’s highest rated news app. I’ve done all design work and development for Newsvoice. Get it here!


SpriteBuilder is the best way to build 2D games for mobile. It's a great animation and UI editor, you can layout physics and build levels, and even visually build shader effects and do 2D lighting. The application started out in 2011 as a hobby project of mine to aid me to build my own games, but was quickly acquired by Zynga. In 2013 it got sponsored by Apportable and there are currently 10 full time engineers working on it. I've done all design and architecture work on SpriteBuilder and a large part of the coding.

Bunny Hop

I wrote this great little arcade game in the six weeks I had free before starting working for Zynga. The game's mission is to uncover new worlds by freeing cute little bunnies that have been trapped in cages. The game was purchased and published by King, but is unfortunately no longer available on the App Store.


Spogg.com was my life for seven years. Spogg was not only my independent game company that I ran with a couple of friends, but also a meeting place for people to play casual multiplayer games, chat and hang out. With over 200000 members, it was a vibrant community with a unique atmosphere. I did all the design work for the Spogg website and games, and large parts of the programming.

Crazy Eight

A classic card game adapted for the web. Crazy Eight was created for the Spogg website and allowed Spogg's members to not only play against each other but also to chat and make new friends. I did all the game design and graphic design for this game.


I wrote the client and most of the server code for what was to become the world's third largest online poker site, PokerRoom.com. The backend was distributed over a number of servers and could host hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players.

My server and client was written in Java, and lived on for over four years after I left the company and before it was replaced by a newer version.


In 1996 I released MutantDungeonVR, my first game ever. Taking inspiration for Wolfenstein Castle and Doom, I wrote my own graphics engine with ray casting. At the time, the graphics for this game was state of the art, with flying eyeballs and all!